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Summer school is a litmus test of what your school is made of in terms of academic program and excellent customer service to the public . If properly planned ,it can affect your school growth positively . The following tips will help you to achieve that :


(1). Do an aggressive publicity about your summer school programs .Please ,don’t take the publicity lightly at all ,remember that the kingdom of God suffers violence / aggressiveness .


(2) Make use of academically giant staff that will deliver productively, if possible ,employ more good hands for that .


(3). Make sure your Front Desk Official ( If you have any) is professional ,courteous and well groomed . A snooty Front desk Person will spoil the program . Be careful


(3). Go extra mile to satisfy the Learners and Parents at least for that period .They must be convinced that your school is better than where they are coming from. Offer broad based learning and if possible ,make use of the blended curriculum. The law of differentiation states that a product or service must have an area of excellence that enables it to stand out from its competitors in some way if it is to succeed in a competitive marketplace .  21st century school business has gone beyond teaching O.N.E, 1 ,T.W.O,2 and other archaic teaching program. Distinguish your school


(4).  Be available for a round the clock supervision , this is not a period to go to Dubia for vacation ,  you may meet a disorganized organization if adequate supervisory arrangements are not put in place .


(5) Offer exciting programs like handcraft , creative writing , spelling bee ,literacy , aerobics, numeracy , cookery ,drama ,table tennis ,talk show ,e.tc , summer school period should be lively ,exiting and not monotonous.


(6) This is the time to rebrand your school ,put alot of effizies in places , repaint both inside and outside of your school , re arrange your disorganized office ,make it smell good , the toilets should be property sanitized , this is important this period ,change your or repair that old bomb school buses .Human Beings are not like God ,man will judge you based on what their 5 senses can see ,smell ,ear ,feel .Your outward appearance matters .



(7) Make sure your staff are well groomed ,let them know they are not going to Eateries and Supermarkets .Summer school period is not the time to wear dirty jeans and bathroom slippers .Remember that first impression matters a lot in business ,there are maybe no second impression except God shows mercy


(8) Get in touch with all the Parents whose Children do not show up for the program ,find out what happens


(9) Reach out to all your disgruntled Customers . One influential but dissatisfied Customer can cause havoc to your school .Professional and humbly tender apology if necessary .” We are sorry ” will not remove the smallest currency from your pocket or change your Proprietorship title .Don’t rely on my school is the best mantra .Professional arrogance could be disastrous .


(10) Arrange mouth _ Watering packages for them. Human Beings love free gifts  and those who receive yours will appreciate it immensely.


(11) Use the summer school period to develop or improve your self ,learn something new , when you know better ,you population grows better .Knowledge is vital to your growth . Darkness cannot stand where there is light ,where there is correct and current information , mediocrity ,stupidity vanishes .Empty your pocket into your brain . According to painstaking research I did sometimes last year , there are more than 20 ideas that move around ,begging to be implemented but you can’t see them cos your eyes of understanding have not been broaden .



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