TIPS FOR RUNNING A PROFITABLE SCHOOL ( By Praise Akintayo) – Edugrowth Consulting


1. Create a conducive learning and working environment. Huge physical structure does not necessarily portray profitability and conduciveness.

2. Maintain cordial but professional relationship with your staff. They are your greatest resources and infrastructure in school business.

3. Train and retrain them on new ways of teaching, class management, children psycology, Parents relationship, complaints and crisis management etc

4. Detach yourself as the Proprietor/founder from frequent direct interraction with the Parents.

5. Do not let teachers have same access to the Parents. Minimize contacts between Parents and Teachers.

6. Get an Admin/Front Desk Official or a non teaching staff who will be incharge of Parents’ transactions and interractions with the school; including most of the parents’ calls, complaints, etc.

7. Design and implement internal control and flow of duties for all staff including teaching and non teaching. And you must monitor compliance as the BIG BOSS yourself.

8. Design and distribute your school Policy Handbook for Parents, Work manual for staff. And ensure all including you comply with the contents.

9. Kick ass whenever the need arises for gross violations of set rules, and work loads. No matter whose horse is gored.

10. Reward productivity, high performance, diligence amongst your staff. Little things such Free Lunch from The Boss motivate humans to give their best ‘working with you’.

11. Treat your staff with total respect. They only work for you, they are humans with dreams, visions and potentials too, not slaves and don’t treat them like one . You a product of God ‘s mercy, thank God for that mercy.

12. Take every displeasure, dissatisfaction, complaints from your parents seriously and take immediate action to rectify, explain and correct such.
Dont say this woman and her trouble again’ when a parent is not happy. One unsatiafied Parent who joined in a term can bring down a school one has laboured to build in 20 years… Be careful ✍🏾🏃🏻‍♀

13. Explore and pursue multiple streams of income as a Proprietor. Unless you are old and retired. School revenue is not what can be tampered with for daily upkeep and living expenses of you and your family, especially with growing schools.

14. Be financially disciplined. Budget and plan for all expenses termly. And stick with your budget as much as possible

15. Run away from love affair with staff or Parents. Discourage same amongst your staff.

16. Consistently review your plans, systems and operations .

17. Be prayerful. And partner God in all your doings !

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