There are wide a range of decisions to make concerning communications for effective running of a school. The school must always keep an open system of communication and make sure there are no communication gaps between the Authority and the staff,Parents and Pupils. Lack of adequate communications can bring unexpected catastrophes to the school over minor problems that could have been better understood if they were made known to the Person(s) concerned on time. A private school shockingly lost 87% of its Pupils to the Competitors just because of #1000 increase in school fees, in my own candid opinion, I told the Proprietor that it should have been avoided if d Parents were carried along. The school has not recovered from the loss since two years ago. Of a truth I tell you,it’s foolishness to keep all ur school stakeholders incommunicado.

The school should regard the staff as Partners in progress and not slaves made to do dirty jobs . The school Proprietor should at all times make himself communicative enough and should always show examples by doing any of the jobs his staff are employed to do. The Proprietor should be ready to listen to his staff’s personal problems and try to solve those he can. He should at all times remind the staff of the need to be disciplined and Obedient to the staff’s policy & procedure.

The school should always let the Parents aware of all decisions that affect them or their Children / Wards .The Proprietor should organise and maintain a working PTA meeting. This is one avenue where Parents can bare their minds over policies that they do not like and the sch should not deny them this opportunity , as the only way to show resentment over such deprivation is by withdrawing their Children/Wards 4rm d school which would adversely affect the school. A school took d Children on educational excursions without the permissions from certain Parents of d school, an accident happened while returning and virtually all of the Pupils died. The Proprietor is still prison since last year.

In conclusion, there should be no communication gap among the Pupils, the public and even the Government.

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