To grow your school enrollment ,you will need practical and workable strategies, with correct and well defined strategies, your school will definitely experience growth and not just growth but exponential type . Lack of strategies to boost pupils/Students enrollment is the reason behind frustration in school business . This simply means that a Proprietor without current and correct *strategies* will experience big *tragedies* . I have helped over 20 schools boost their enrollments and the records speak volume . Therefore, permit me to share few of these strategies with with you :

1. *Committed* , *Personal* *and* *Visionary* *Leadership*: Good enrollment will rise and fall based on the kind of Management / Leadership of the school . It takes improved management and leadership skills to grow a 21st century school. Some Schools are having problems and difficulties in terms of growth because of the poor management style of the school . A school that’s not properly managed by seasoned ,Visionary and committed management team will send off pupils/Students instead of welcoming them. Indiscipline, indolence , inexperience ,incompetence and Orthodox methods of leadership are features difficult to cover up . I once took over a school as Consultant, the first I did was to change the leadership/Management members of the school, there was no tangible improvement despite being owned by a Former President of our great country . Everything rises and falls on leadership ,if the population rises, the management team deserves some accolades but if it the population falls, the management team should be overhauled. ✍🏾

Innovations, excellent delivery ,exposure to latest trends , improved management skills should be the common features of any school leadership/ Management department.

(2) *Use* *strategic* *events* *to* *boost* *your* *school* population. : Many schools have used pupils/ Students targeted events to boost their population. While some spiritually inclined Proprietors organise vigils and engage in some other spiritual activities to boost their school population, while other schools are taking their children through pupils/Students targeted events . These events if properly organised, will advertise the Uniqueness of your school and makes your school stand out. Some of these events are :

(1) Breakfast with the Proprietor( A program to reward and appreciate loyal Customers )

(2) Spelling bee competition

(3) Leadership coaching/Training

(4) Essay competition

(5) Mathematics Competition

(6) Character Development seminar /Training

(7) Welcome back to school celebration ( New Pupils/Students

(8) Community development

(9)Creativity day

(10) Science week and many more

Note : Operating a school without growth strategies is dangerous simply because school business in in watershed period.

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