In life and business , things don’t just happen ! Every effect ,be it positive or negative has a specific cause . Over the 10 years in consulting , I have been opportune to diagnose factors thwarting the growth and progress of many schools and of which I proffered solutions to . Let me quickly share some of these invincible factors with you :

1. *Unproductive* *properties* : Whether you believe it or not , the property you’re using for the school could be the factor militating against the growth of your school .Yes , you can see the property , but you can’t see the demons of unproductivity and stagnation in the property ,especially if such properties are rented


Some years ago , I was hired as a Consultant to a school that was about to close down after about 10 years without tangible growth . To my greatest surprise , the 47 Pupils I met on ground reduced to 14 within a term ,this was the greatest embarrassment and professional disgrace of my life 🤧. Determined to get solution because of the belief and trust my Client had in me , an idea came and we moved the school from the property to another one . Thank God , it was a rented one . To the glory of God ,the dying school jerked up , the population increased to 75 within a term in another property . Painstaking findings revealed to us later that the former property was owned by a Renowned Herbalist .

2. There is a building around Toll gate ,In Ogun State , if am not mistaken , more than 5 different Schools had used the same building for schools . According to what the information gathered from 2 Proprietors that used the place and later vacated it , There is no term , one or two Pupils will not down there and it was so for all the schools that used the property.

Note : Sometimes , it could be the entire locality or the particular building . It may be a cursed , demonized Properties. I once abandoned some plots I acquired some years ago when it was revealed it might not be productive for the purpose I wanted to use it for , the truth is that the property was under a powerful curse and I was not wired to bond and cast out demons .In addition to this , my wife was carrying the pregnancy of my first son 🤣. An Indian Company later acquired the same property and it crashed after 3 years . When demons take possession of a property , it becomes unproductive ,fruitless and growth becomes a difficult experience. Remember how “rats ,rodents , cockroaches ” chased away our President from his official office and forced him to operate from his residential apartment till now .

2. A demonized staff : One demonic Person carelessly ,hurriedly and unprofessionally employed to work in your school can thwart the growth of your school and destroy it . Sometimes ,nothing maybe wrong with the property , it could be one wrong staff employed by you


A School in Ife South Local Government in Osun State ( Name withheld) with 3 branches came down because of a wrong staff .The Proprietor employed a lady as the Head Teacher of the school , this lady divorced her husband and became the 2nd wife of the Proprietor . Those of us that advised the Proprietor to desist from the relationship were seen as professional demons 😂. Anyway , the rest is stories

Note : What some Proprietors employed as Teachers are nothing but Interlopers positioned in your school to destroy and thwart its growth by your Competitors .An International School in Ijebu Ode employed a man as a Principal and he impregnated 3 SS 3 Students while one died during abortion . The school is still functioning but half dead . School business has got to a stage where Competitors send agents to growing schools to work as Teachers with a mandate to prevent it from growing or destroy it .

3. Bad attitudes from the Proprietor : I have diagnosed for many Schools and arrived at the bad and unprofessional attitudes on the part of the Distinguished Proprietors as a factor warring against their growth . See , in life and business , motivation can keep one going but good attitude is needed to keep growing . No one can see attitude ,it is an invincible phenomenon but its effects whether good or bad can be seen . Your attitude can either attract Prospects to you or repel them . Remember that your altitude in business and life depends on your attitude .

In conclusion , don’t forget that a bad attitude is like a flat tire , you can’t go anywhere until you change it .

© Praise Akintayo , CEO , Edugrowth Consulting (08038990766)

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