4. _Ignorance_ : Ignorance is a disease that has capacity to kill and destroy a life and business if permitted. Ignorance ,not demonized staff and unproductive property is the main factor warring against the growth of many schools in Nigeria . No one can see Ignorance but its negative effects can be seen and felt .

In this 21st century , one or two things you don’t know or not aware of, can thwart ,prevent and stop the growth of your school . I have noticed and discovered that the same area and locality some Proprietors don’t grow , other Proprietors will pioneer schools there and grow mightily .Knowledge is it ! A wise man said : ” There is no mountain anywhere , every man ‘s Ignorance is his mountain ” ! The mountain of Ignorance is what some of us need to confront and conquer before growth can be experienced ! How can you be operating a school for five years and you can’t boast of four to five hundred pupils ? , it is ignorance on your part as a Proprietor if your pupils are defecting to other schools and you sit down looking 😨. Remember that education kills the disease of Ignorance ,superstition ,fear and poverty . Therefore , war against Ignorance and smile as your school begins to grow !

5. Covert attacks from Competitors ( CAC) 😄 ! The lack of growth of a school may be connected to the subtle and covert attacks from rivals who want to have your pupils in their schools by all means . Badmouthing , trumped up allegations , witch _ hunting , manipulations , malicious defamation of the school and others are few of these covert attacks and if allowed and permitted too much , it can bring a potential school to its knees .✍


I opened a school for a woman 2 years ago in Abeokuta , everything had been put in place and we were set to have our first 100 pupils but only got 7 and no other Pupils joined ,after the end of 2nd term , we decided to ” survey ” to see what was wrong , I was socked when People started telling us that they heard ,some People told them that our tuition was too much and unaffordable . The funniest part of it was that there were schools that charged times 5 if not more of what we charged around the location of the school . Anyway , we counter attacked and the story of the school changed .


A Proprietor was forced to relocate from Ijebu to Sango Ota last year when the attacks became unbearable . Every Two weeks after resumption of every term , some unknown People would invade the school and cart away the pupils’ chairs and desks/ tables , furniture , books , computers and others and this lasted for about 2 years ,all efforts to put an end to it were unsuccessful .

In conclusion , A school around Abeokuta south Local Government with a population of five hundred plus ,Owned and managed by a Pastor , something came over him( Proprietor) and he raped a Nursery 2 pupil in his office . The Ministry of Education heard about it and shut down the school immediately ,though , it was reopened after 3 weeks but the whole thing was medicine after death scenario 🤧 !

Note : There are some People that should be Customers in your school but are not there because of ” them. say ,them say ” rumours being spread all over by covert attackers . The official dedication of my college of Education was done on the 18th June 2016 with 5 State Commissioners for Education and Proprietors of other Private Colleges of Education and on the 20th of June 2016 , I went there and met a dead man in one of the rooms but thank be to God and to the Ogun State Honourable Commissioner for Education . Covert attacks are real and the reason behind it is to frustrate and prevent your school from growing . Don’t allow it .

You will grow beyond your imagination , this is my wish for you ! 🤔💚🙏🏾

© *Praise* *Akintayo* ( CEO, Edugrowth Consulting ,08038990766)


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