The year 2018 is running to an end and you need to start the new year with clear ,specific ,measurable and time bounded business goals and ” NOW” is the perfect time to do that .You must not start 2019 the way you you started 2018, therefore , the place of goal setting in life and business cannot be overemphasized. Bear it it in mind that your school cannot experience tangible growth without goal setting , have you ever seen a football Player that scores without a goal post ? A business Executive that fails that set goals will groan under heavy frustration . There are many negative things you experience this year ,such as , lack of growth , embarrassing defection of your Pupils to other schools ,financial loss as a result of poor payment of tuition and others as a result of our inability to set business goals . You must not repeat the same mistake in 2019 . Set your business goals now ! Dedicate a book for it , because goals not written down are just mere “wishes ” 😄 . Write down your school growth and breakthrough goals in the book , so that he who reads ,may run with it ⛹🏽‍♀

Also , let it be known to you that goals can be both qualitative and quantitative . For instance , a qualitative goal may be , Our school , Aunty Kemi International group of schools are recognized and awarded as the best Private school offering first class ,productive and result oriented education by the Nigeria Academic Biometric ranking ( The only body in Nigeria shouldered with the responsibility of ranking private schools in Nigeria ) . A quantitative goal is one that can be expressed in numbers and financial terms ,this has to do with the numerical status of your school . Some examples of quantitative goals include : 👇

1. The number of pupils / Students that you want in your school within a year , two years or whatever timeframe you decide . I still maintain that a school can attain 400 to 500 enrolment records within a space of five years if the needful is done . In life and business ,things don’t just happen , everything follows the law of cause and effect .

2. Gross profit margins on sales

3. Net profit margins on sales

4. Return on equity invested in your school

In conclusion , you need to prepare for your school growth now by writing down the goals of 2019 . Bear it in mind that , the desired growth becomes a daydream without goals . Also , imagine a ladder leaning against a building . The top of the ladder represents your business goals . Write down those goals now !

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