Growth leaks are real , any school having growth leaks cannot grow and in no time will go into oblivion . Running a school with growth leaks is like fetching water inside basket . The following are some of the leaks :

1. Lack of aggressive Marketing : No doubt about it , marketing is the life wire of every business . Successful businesses stand out from the crowd because they market and promote themselves well . A potential school enrollment funnel begins leak if it lacks aggressive Marketing . I pity Proprietors who just sit down in their offices expecting the schools to grow without carrying out corresponding actions towards their desires . A lifeless school is one that fails to market aggressively in this competitive battlefield . The whole aim of marketing your school is to attract more Customers or to encourage the existing Customers to spend more time and money with your school . In a nutshell , to stop growth leaks in your school , you will need to develop innovative marketing activities for your school and bear it mind that marketing is not a one sided activity , it is more than sharing of flyers/ Handbills , there are over 100 marketing activities that when you painstakingly implement them ,have capacities to grow your school exponentially .

2. Over Pricing : Many Proprietors just fixed prices without price survey .Some believed because they worked in big schools that charged two hundred and fifty thousand naira per term , collecting half of this money in their school that have no features and facilities that commensurate the price .The growth funnel of a s school begins to leak when the school overcharges . In this competitive period ,where there are many schools and more are still coming up , if your prices are too high with nothing to back them up , you might be looking for trouble of enrollment leaks . Have you ever noticed that the new school emerging now charge below what other existing are charging but with better and improved services ? This is why some schools experience alarming defections of their Pupils to these new schools. Bear it in mind that , in business ,over taking is permitted because your price could be one of your Unique Selling Point . The law of Quality States that : ” The Customer demands the very highest quality service/ Product for the lowest price ” . To block the enrollment leaks in your school , endeavour to review your pricing system either by deduction / reduction or addition of more better features to your current Price . This is very important because if your prices are too high ,you will not get any Customers . My advice for you is that you market your school to attract more pupils and do a price review .

You will grow !

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