One of the best ways ,methods and tactics to grow your school is through academic and notable competitions . In this 21st century , any private school Owner that despises academic competitions may never grow the way it should .

The fact that your school participates in a notable competitions mean a lot to the members of the public and I do believe that will academic diligence on the part of the Teachers and with prayers coupled with a burning desire to excel , anything good can happen . We serve a God that specializes in raising the poor People and organizations from the shackle of smallness to prominence . Yea ! 🤔👏🏼
A small school in Lagos participated in an academic competition organized by a member of Representatives , the competition was boycotted by so called mighty schools , the small school emerged first and got five million naira , 10 laptops and other fabulous prices . Apart from this , the school population jerked up by 85% within a year .
Below is the list of some notable competitions in Nigeria .
*Secondary* *schools*

1. National Spelling Bee competition

2. Nigeria Computer society ( NCS) Competition

3. Cowbell Mathematics Competition

4. Code Lagos

5. National ICT Olympiad Competition

6 Bishop Mike Okonkwo National Essay Competition for secondary schools Students

7 . NNPC National Quiz Competition

8. Indomie Spelling Bee Competition

9. American Mathematics Competition

10. Dr Mrs Oby Ezekwesili Communication Competition ( Started in 2017 and coordinated by Praise Akintayo)
*Primary* *schools* *Competitions*

1. African spelling bee for Primary schools

2. TUMA ( Organized by Ambassadors schools )

3. Mrs Yetunde Onanuga Science Competitions

4. Chief Mrs Olatunde Abudu Primary schools Essays Competition

5. Nigeria spelling bee competition

6. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar coding competition ( Coordinated by Praise Akintayo )
Note : The dates of these competitions will be communicated soon . Also watch out for tips that will enable your school emerge well in any of these competitions .
I wish you happy weekend ! 👋✍



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