Good population is what gives life to a school . So , a lifeless school is one that its numerical strength doesn’t commensurate with its age . A school of 7 years with two hundred pupils needs to wake up .A good numerical population is a sustainable key factor in school operation . The fact that you have a good population sends a positive signal to the members of the public of where the school is situated .

I have been in the business of growing schools for more than ten years , I have strategies and tactics that can change and improve the numerical growth of any school and thank be to God , the mouth opening testimonies on school growth that I receive from Proprietors from time to time are pointers to the potent of these ideas . I will share few of these ideas with you :

1. *Campaign* *for* *enrollment* : Have you ever seen a pregnant woman that delivers without pains ? But one thing is sure , after the pains is the gains . Many schools in Nigeria want to have a good population without the pains of campaigns for Population increase. Some school Owners don’t believe me when I tell them that it is possible to enrol more than 100 pupils in a year . It is very possible provided your enrollment campaigns are strategic .

2. *Grow* *your* *population* *through* *the* *words* *of* *mouth* : In business ,especially in Nigeria , the place of mouth cannot be ignored . This is where many Proprietors miss it . You see , words of mouth are the greatest and most effective form of marketing that can boost school population . You may distribute ten thousand flyers within one hour without one singular prospective enquiry if it is badmouthed and at the same time , your population can be doubled if it receives positive words of mouth marketing from your Customers l. Let’s assume you have 30 Parents , if half of these Parents can market your school through the words of mouth in a term , I am fanatically sure that the number will double the next term . At one of my Client’s schools , A Parent single handedly influenced about 25 other Parents from her workplace to her child’s school .Yea , 25 new Parents . This is why I tell Proprietors to develop Customer retention skill because an exit of one Parent from a school can influence other Parents to leave . If words of mouth campaign can be set up properly , it has the potential to grow a school exponentially . Under the words of mouth , we have :

👉 *School* *referrals* *team*
( SRT)

👉 *Proprietor ‘s* *inner* *caucus* ( PIC)

👉. *School* *spy* *team*( *SPT*)

Note : With good leadership and communication skills on the part of the Proprietor , each team under the word of mouth , can influence at least 30 People to your school ( 30 times 3 is 90) .

3. *Uniqueness* : It is another strategy to boost a school population . Parents wont be confused when looking for a good school for their Children , they can easily spot you because of the conspicuous uniqueness your school posseses . Let me reiterate here that uniqueness is not a poem but a practical strategy to grow a business . You need to stand out first to command attention . I once fashioned out a unique program for a school in a competitive area. I used my spy team to find out what other schools offer and it was discovered that most of these schools that ” claimed ” to be standard didn’t have standard computer programs , so we started by approaching a bank and we acquired over 50 rickety flat screen computers at no prices and we launched a campaign of “one child one computer ” and come and see marketing campaign . With this tactic , the school grew by 100% the following session . The name of the school is Arise and Shine International school , Meiran , Lagos . Go there and find out . 😄

Apart from using the computers to attract more prospects to the school, ICT and other technology inclined programs became an offer that differentiates the school from the others in the neighborhood. Of a truth I tell you , in this competitive time, a school that has no one singular thing , advantage , offering or package that differentiates or makes it stands out will have a growth challenge. We spied some schools around one of my client’s school and noticed that practical entrepreneurial skill was missing, so the School acquired some tools and we began what I termed as ” operation catch them young campaign ” and we thank God , the population of the school increased wonderfully through this idea. I set up operation “brilliant us ” , to drive the population of a school. In case you don’t know, ” operation brilliant us” ,is part of the pupils /students feedback committee ,a strategy to grow a school. Every school has exceptional and brilliant Pupils / Students , these children can be used tactically to grow your school numerically base For over 8 years now, these ideas have not failed me and my Clients. What some of us called Competitors are not really true, they are strong to us because we lack competitive ideas and uniqueness that will make us standout and unique. Your school must be built around something, an offer, bundle that differentiates you from other schools. When I wanted my Children to read and speak fluently, I moved them to a school that specializes in that, within a term my wife celebrated my decision ! A school without one competitive uniqueness is tantamount to a “Jack of all trades and expert or Master of none “😂 ! A general school is one without attractive point. Don’t be a Proprietor of a general school!

The certificates you acquired cannot grow your school , it is only correct , current and concrete strategies that can grow it . I wish you the best !

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  1. Thank you for inspiring beginners like me, also gratitude to Proprietor HoneySpring Field Academy 33 Onitsha for introducing me to this platform. God bless

  2. This is really insightful . Thanks for the information.I really like the
    strategies outlined here.
    I will be happy to have you help grow my school
    What do I have to do to make this
    I am the director of my school but I represent the owner of my school on issues like this.Though I added her to the group ,I am to take action on school growth so the school needs your help

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