John Maxwell , the Leadership Expert wrote : ” Everything rises and falls on leadership ” ! He was right in every sense . Your school will either grow or dwindle as result of the kind of the leadership you provide . Behind every rise and fall in any organization is leadership , other things are commentaries . Example is the way and manner the mighty Diamond bank fell ,collapsed and swallowed by access bank . Leadership problem caused it . What is leadership is all about then ? See below :

1. *L* ….. *Listening*. A good leader listens with an open mind .He certainly listens to ( and seeks after ) feedback , knowing that it is the breakfast of Champions . A schools leader that fails to listen to the Customers problems/ Complaints and bring solutions to them is an incompetent Person

2. E…. *Empowering* : Knowledge is power according to the popular axiom . Empowering others is the priority of a good leader . Leadership is not something that’s done for People ,but with and through them .The growth of your school in 2019 depends on the amount of empowerment you give to your employees .

3. A….. *Ambition*. A leader dreams big dreams and sets clear goals ; He has vision and imagination ,as well as ability .In life and business , the ambition of the leader determines the kind of the result ,profitability and growth the organization envoys .

4. *D* .. *.* .. *Determination*. This is what differentiate a Victor from the Vanquished . No one achives success without facing challenges . Remember that every adversity carries with it ,the seed of an equivalent benefit this is according to Napoleon Hill , the Author of Think and Grow rich . There is no gain / profitability without pain . See , you must learn to bark back at every dog that tries to cow you & your business . You will pass through the University of hard knocks before in life ,your ability to remain focused is the true test of Leadership

5. *E*…. *Example*. You must serve as a role model to every one in your school .Your personality could be your main selling point if it is pleasing ,charming and attractive .

6 R …. *Risk* *taking* : A renowned man of God of blessed memory, Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa said : “It is risky not take risks ” . As a leader , you will need to take some risks before you can experience growth . This is an important leadership virtue . I took a risk by collecting an humongous long term loan from a commercial bank some years ago and miraculously , the so called “humongous loans ” was repaid within a year . It’s silly and risky not to take risks .

7. *S* ….. *Self* *Esteem* .A leader believes in himself. Leaving without self esteem is a license for self extinction . Amid stiff competition , you can still grow beyond the imagination of everyone if you possess growth consciousness . Whatever the mind can conceive and belief ,it can achieve . Thoughts are things .

8. *H* … *Heart* : He is courageous in adversity and remains positive at all times .

9 . *I* … *Initiative* : He is proactive rather than reactive ; he has the energy and ability to tackle great business challenges

10. *P* *Patience* : Success in life is not a magic and abracadabra thing . Life will process your requests before it okays results .Even an ATM machine upon the insertion of a card will ask you to wait while your transaction is processed , if you cannot wait , a lucky Person will get your money ! Hmmmnn ,such is life ! 🤣🤣✍🏼 . As leaders going somewhere ,we must be ready to join the league of the Greats who patiently obtained greatness .

This 👆 is what leadership is all about !

See you in 2019 .Your school will grow beyond imaginations in 2019! Merry Xmas and Happy new year in advance 🎅🏻💔🤝✍🏼

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