End of session , if creatively organised , is an opportunity to wow your Customers and thus create buzz for your school .You see Dears , about 25% of your school enrollment strategies ,comes from the end of session party .

1⃣. *Make a plan for humorous ,creative and lively Compere* ( *MC* ) . The glamour ,colour ,success , fun and live of your school end of session party depends on the kind of Compere you use .

2⃣ *Launch something on that day* . This is a cool idea that will make you raise money .We launched a set of fifty laptops for one of the schools I consult for last year and we realized over three hundred thousand naira and the Parents were over excited .Apart from the launching , they went out and marketed the school the more .

3⃣ *Creative ,rebranded and new activities* : If the activities lined up for the events are not rebranded and lacking creativity , it will make the event boring and make the Parents disappointed at the end of the day .

4⃣ *Pre _end of session program* : The disappointment ,fulk ups , headache , anger on the party day can be averted during the pre _end of session party . Lack of rehearsals is the real reason behind monumental disappointment in some schools end of session parties I have seen . As a Proprietor, make sure you access all activities before you okay and give them to the Printer.

5⃣ *Support Companies Parade :* Parents will love this idea and the Sponsored Companies will still honour your invites and requests in some other times .

6⃣ *Mouth opening gifts* : This is one of the ideas that will make Parents proclaim your school to People around them or make disgruntled and look for ways of leaving your school . A friend withdrew her Children from a particular school because the school gave the same gift for three years .Enough of frypans , buckets and umbrellas .😁

7⃣ *Acquaint them with the programs of the next session* . With this idea ,some of them that have made plans to defect from your school may jettison it . Take them round the classes If you don’t have projector and show them the new Chairs ,buses ,Teachers , Robots . My plan for one of the schools I consult for is to make sure *Mr Robot* 🕴 we acquired recently speak to the Parents during the end of session party.

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( *Growth Master* )🕺🏻

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