The year 2018 is running to an end and you need to start the new year with clear ,specific ,measurable and time bounded business goals and ” NOW” is the perfect time to do that .You must not start 2019 the way you you started 2018, therefore , the place of goal setting in life and business cannot be overemphasized. Bear it it in mind that your school cannot experience tangible growth without goal setting , have you ever seen a football Player that scores without a goal post ? A business Executive that fails that set goals will groan under heavy frustration . There are many negative things you experience this year ,such as , lack of growth , embarrassing defection of your Pupils to other schools ,financial loss as a result of poor payment of tuition and others as a result of our inability to set business goals . You must not repeat the same mistake in 2019 . Set your business goals now ! Dedicate a book for it , because goals not written down are just mere “wishes ” πŸ˜„ . Write down your school growth and breakthrough goals in the book , so that he who reads ,may run with it β›ΉπŸ½β€β™€

Also , let it be known to you that goals can be both qualitative and quantitative . For instance , a qualitative goal may be , Our school , Aunty Kemi International group of schools are recognized and awarded as the best Private school offering first class ,productive and result oriented education by the Nigeria Academic Biometric ranking ( The only body in Nigeria shouldered with the responsibility of ranking private schools in Nigeria ) . A quantitative goal is one that can be expressed in numbers and financial terms ,this has to do with the numerical status of your school . Some examples of quantitative goals include : πŸ‘‡

1. The number of pupils / Students that you want in your school within a year , two years or whatever timeframe you decide . I still maintain that a school can attain 400 to 500 enrolment records within a space of five years if the needful is done . In life and business ,things don’t just happen , everything follows the law of cause and effect .

2. Gross profit margins on sales

3. Net profit margins on sales

4. Return on equity invested in your school

In conclusion , you need to prepare for your school growth now by writing down the goals of 2019 . Bear it in mind that , the desired growth becomes a daydream without goals . Also , imagine a ladder leaning against a building . The top of the ladder represents your business goals . Write down those goals now !


4. _Ignorance_ : Ignorance is a disease that has capacity to kill and destroy a life and business if permitted. Ignorance ,not demonized staff and unproductive property is the main factor warring against the growth of many schools in Nigeria . No one can see Ignorance but its negative effects can be seen and felt . Continue reading “INVINCIBLE FACTORS THAT CAN WAR AGAINST THE GROWTH OF A SCHOOL ( Part 2)”


In life and business , things don’t just happen ! Every effect ,be it positive or negative has a specific cause . Over the 10 years in consulting , I have been opportune to diagnose factors thwarting the growth and progress of many schools and of which I proffered solutions to . Let me quickly share some of these invincible factors with you :

1. *Unproductive* *properties* : Whether you believe it or not , the property you’re using for the school could be the factor militating against the growth of your school .Yes , you can see the property , but you can’t see the demons of unproductivity and stagnation in the property ,especially if such properties are rented


Some years ago , I was hired as a Consultant to a school that was about to close down after about 10 years without tangible growth . To my greatest surprise , the 47 Pupils I met on ground reduced to 14 within a term ,this was the greatest embarrassment and professional disgrace of my life 🀧. Determined to get solution because of the belief and trust my Client had in me , an idea came and we moved the school from the property to another one . Thank God , it was a rented one . To the glory of God ,the dying school jerked up , the population increased to 75 within a term in another property . Painstaking findings revealed to us later that the former property was owned by a Renowned Herbalist .

2. There is a building around Toll gate ,In Ogun State , if am not mistaken , more than 5 different Schools had used the same building for schools . According to what the information gathered from 2 Proprietors that used the place and later vacated it , There is no term , one or two Pupils will not down there and it was so for all the schools that used the property.

Note : Sometimes , it could be the entire locality or the particular building . It may be a cursed , demonized Properties. I once abandoned some plots I acquired some years ago when it was revealed it might not be productive for the purpose I wanted to use it for , the truth is that the property was under a powerful curse and I was not wired to bond and cast out demons .In addition to this , my wife was carrying the pregnancy of my first son 🀣. An Indian Company later acquired the same property and it crashed after 3 years . When demons take possession of a property , it becomes unproductive ,fruitless and growth becomes a difficult experience. Remember how “rats ,rodents , cockroaches ” chased away our President from his official office and forced him to operate from his residential apartment till now .

2. A demonized staff : One demonic Person carelessly ,hurriedly and unprofessionally employed to work in your school can thwart the growth of your school and destroy it . Sometimes ,nothing maybe wrong with the property , it could be one wrong staff employed by you


A School in Ife South Local Government in Osun State ( Name withheld) with 3 branches came down because of a wrong staff .The Proprietor employed a lady as the Head Teacher of the school , this lady divorced her husband and became the 2nd wife of the Proprietor . Those of us that advised the Proprietor to desist from the relationship were seen as professional demons πŸ˜‚. Anyway , the rest is stories

Note : What some Proprietors employed as Teachers are nothing but Interlopers positioned in your school to destroy and thwart its growth by your Competitors .An International School in Ijebu Ode employed a man as a Principal and he impregnated 3 SS 3 Students while one died during abortion . The school is still functioning but half dead . School business has got to a stage where Competitors send agents to growing schools to work as Teachers with a mandate to prevent it from growing or destroy it .

3. Bad attitudes from the Proprietor : I have diagnosed for many Schools and arrived at the bad and unprofessional attitudes on the part of the Distinguished Proprietors as a factor warring against their growth . See , in life and business , motivation can keep one going but good attitude is needed to keep growing . No one can see attitude ,it is an invincible phenomenon but its effects whether good or bad can be seen . Your attitude can either attract Prospects to you or repel them . Remember that your altitude in business and life depends on your attitude .

In conclusion , don’t forget that a bad attitude is like a flat tire , you can’t go anywhere until you change it .

Β© Praise Akintayo , CEO , Edugrowth Consulting (08038990766)

GROWTH TRIGGERS (Part 1) by Praise Akintayo

Everyone loves growth , no one wants to associate with backwardness and stagnation ✍. Growth in any business , is triggered by certain factors ,methods and strategies . A renowned Leadership Expert ,John C Maxwell wrote : ” Growth doesn’t just happen , it occurs when some fundamental laws are obeyed ” Likewise in school Business , there are growth triggers that will enable you break enrollment records and grow beyond the imagination of everyone . I have taught these growth triggers in many conferences ,seminars and workshops I organized in the past with fabulous testimonies . You’re the next online now . πŸ™πŸΎ

1. The force of Knowledge : Let me start with this story ,it will help you understand my points very well : One day in a major Corporation in the United States Of America, a very important machine broke down in one of their factories . As a result , employees stood still as production was brought to a halt .At last , and in desperation , an outside Consultant was brought in to help . After explaining to him the last sound heard of the machine before it went off , he just picked a piece of chalk from his pocket and marked a small ” X” on the machine . With a considerable amount of force , he hit the marked point with hammer and the machine came to life . The Consultant presented his bill , it totalled thus :

πŸ‘‰ Hitting the machine _ $ 1.00

πŸ‘‰Knowing where to hit _ $ 499.00

πŸ‘‰Total : $ 500.00

Note : The considerable amount of force in the above story is knowledge / Information . The dead machine of the factory came back to life when Consultant applied ” the considerable amount of force ” The force is knowledge ✍. This is to tell you that the place of knowledge in running and growing a 21st century school cannot be over emphasized . Any Proprietor that toils with knowledge will have himself or herself to blame . The force of knowledge remains the greatest , if not the best strategy to grow a 21st century school . Based on my painstaking Research , I discovered that the problem of many struggling schools in Nigeria is not money but lack of current ,timely ,seasonal and trending information . Many Proprietors forget that every thing desired to have an excellent ,first class and prominent school is embedded in information. Until you’re adequately informed ,you school may be at a deformed stage 🀣 ! When you know much , you have much growth to the amazement of the your rivals that have subscribed to the use of diabolical ,subversive and unorthodox methods to grow their schools . The struggling Proprietors forget that :

πŸ‘‰ Colonial system of education has been replaced with the 21st century system of education

πŸ‘‰ Old system of marketing the school through rally which is nothing but disturbance to the public peace has been replaced with Guerilla and imbound marketing . No wonder they share 10,000 handbills in one week without one single enquiry

πŸ‘‰ Some of the old methods and techniques of Teaching have been replaced with the contemporary ones

πŸ‘‰ That Methods and techniques of collecting school fees have changed . Some mediocre Proprietors still send Defaulters home

πŸ‘‰ Some Proprietors don’t know that the process and procedure of running and growing a school in this 21st century has improved tremendously and have refused to learn and improved themselves. . Just like the important machine that broke down in the factory , any school whose Proprietor lacks information may collapse ,face serious defection or affected by the virile Competition around . You can only run and grow an enviable school when you have the knowledge or information others don’t have .The truth is that , every school is a carbon copy of the Owner . Therefore , seek knowledge ,learn , relearn and unlearn .Your school can only be better numerically ,when you’re better mentally . Knowledge is power according to Francis Bacon . Receive empowerment by reading books . I remembered the words of Benjamin Franklin : ” Empty the coins in your purse into your mind and your mind will fill your purse . Thanks to Mr Benjamin Franklin ,because his advice has helped me immensely in life . Your school will improve even beyond the imagination of yourself and others when you take your mental improvement seriously . Don’t you know that every book you read , every course/ training you take ,every experience you have is another building block in your business and life . Oliver Cromwell , a British Politician and Soldier said : ” He who stops being better ,stops being good ” If your school is seen as not good by prospects , it is your fault πŸ‘‰. The growth of your school is at the mercy of your mental improvement .As a Proprietor of a school , the day you assume you don’t have to learn again , is the day you are captured and overwhelmingly defeated by your enemies .🀣 . Don’t wait until your school brakes down as a result of the stale information you’re using , go for knowledge sweep through books ,learn the new trends in education , take online courses , go back to school , get mentors , the Holy Bible puts it correctly that in the multitude of Counselors (Mentors) , there is safety .lt is a professional arrogance to believe you know much ,when in the actual sense , there is nothing on ground to substantiate that 😳 ! The truth is that , school business is yet to be competitive , let’s watch what’s going to happen in the next 2 years from now but before that time and to stay ahead of competition grow exponentially, go for knowledge now ! The place of knowledge in school business is likened to a 2 edged sword , it will shatter any form of darkness ,mediocrity ,perversion , dementia and mediocrity . Knowledge gives foresight ,exposure and innovation and when it comes , it will definitely make People to sight your school even without any form of advertisements .

✍ I want you to grow , that’s is my passion for your school πŸ™πŸΎ


To grow your school enrollment ,you will need practical and workable strategies, with correct and well defined strategies, your school will definitely experience growth and not just growth but exponential type . Lack of strategies to boost pupils/Students enrollment is the reason behind frustration in school business . This simply means that a Proprietor without current and correct *strategies* will experience big *tragedies* . I have helped over 20 schools boost their enrollments and the records speak volume . Therefore, permit me to share few of these strategies with with you :

1. *Committed* , *Personal* *and* *Visionary* *Leadership*: Good enrollment will rise and fall based on the kind of Management / Leadership of the school . It takes improved management and leadership skills to grow a 21st century school. Some Schools are having problems and difficulties in terms of growth because of the poor management style of the school . A school that’s not properly managed by seasoned ,Visionary and committed management team will send off pupils/Students instead of welcoming them. Indiscipline, indolence , inexperience ,incompetence and Orthodox methods of leadership are features difficult to cover up . I once took over a school as Consultant, the first I did was to change the leadership/Management members of the school, there was no tangible improvement despite being owned by a Former President of our great country . Everything rises and falls on leadership ,if the population rises, the management team deserves some accolades but if it the population falls, the management team should be overhauled. ✍🏾

Innovations, excellent delivery ,exposure to latest trends , improved management skills should be the common features of any school leadership/ Management department.

(2) *Use* *strategic* *events* *to* *boost* *your* *school* population. : Many schools have used pupils/ Students targeted events to boost their population. While some spiritually inclined Proprietors organise vigils and engage in some other spiritual activities to boost their school population, while other schools are taking their children through pupils/Students targeted events . These events if properly organised, will advertise the Uniqueness of your school and makes your school stand out. Some of these events are :

(1) Breakfast with the Proprietor( A program to reward and appreciate loyal Customers )

(2) Spelling bee competition

(3) Leadership coaching/Training

(4) Essay competition

(5) Mathematics Competition

(6) Character Development seminar /Training

(7) Welcome back to school celebration ( New Pupils/Students

(8) Community development

(9)Creativity day

(10) Science week and many more

Note : Operating a school without growth strategies is dangerous simply because school business in in watershed period.


There are wide a range of decisions to make concerning communications for effective running of a school. The school must always keep an open system of communication and make sure there are no communication gaps between the Authority and the staff,Parents and Pupils. Lack of adequate communications can bring unexpected catastrophes to the school over minor problems that could have been better understood if they were made known to the Person(s) concerned on time. A private school shockingly lost 87% of its Pupils to the Competitors just because of #1000 increase in school fees, in my own candid opinion, I told the Proprietor that it should have been avoided if d Parents were carried along. The school has not recovered from the loss since two years ago. Of a truth I tell you,it’s foolishness to keep all ur school stakeholders incommunicado.

The school should regard the staff as Partners in progress and not slaves made to do dirty jobs . The school Proprietor should at all times make himself communicative enough and should always show examples by doing any of the jobs his staff are employed to do. The Proprietor should be ready to listen to his staff’s personal problems and try to solve those he can. He should at all times remind the staff of the need to be disciplined and Obedient to the staff’s policy & procedure.

The school should always let the Parents aware of all decisions that affect them or their Children / Wards .The Proprietor should organise and maintain a working PTA meeting. This is one avenue where Parents can bare their minds over policies that they do not like and the sch should not deny them this opportunity , as the only way to show resentment over such deprivation is by withdrawing their Children/Wards 4rm d school which would adversely affect the school. A school took d Children on educational excursions without the permissions from certain Parents of d school, an accident happened while returning and virtually all of the Pupils died. The Proprietor is still prison since last year.

In conclusion, there should be no communication gap among the Pupils, the public and even the Government.


One of the reasons some Private schools don’t grow is simply because of the old fashioned , archaic and obsolete growth kits they are familiar with 😳. Actually , Proprietors are the reasons why their schools are not growing ,this is because , no school can grow beyond the depth of the Owner especially in this 21st century ✍. The following tips will help boost the growth of your school : πŸ‘‡

1. Restructure your school to meet up with the current education trends . This is where some Proprietors miss it . You can’t be operating your school like the one you attended in 1990s in a town and expect to grow 🀣 ✍.

2. Create Unique selling Points for your school and blow them to the publics 🎀 🎷. A school without compelling ,charming and manipulative USP will soon go into oblivion .

3. Use a diversified ,broad based and blended curriculum : This will make your school academically ahead of your Competitors .Any Proprietor that believes Nigerian Curriculum is enough to break academic record in this 21st century is living in a fool Paradise 😱😳😨.

4. Engage regularly in Guerilla marketing for your school . There should be no marketing timetable for a 21st century school ,growth should be continuous πŸ€Όβ€β™‚β›ΉπŸ½β€β™€. If Parents can withdraw their Children from a school in 6th & 8th weeks to another school , Guerrilla marketing should be taken serious then πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘‰.

5. Carve out humongous mouth watering packages that will draw prospects to your school πŸ€”.

6. Maintain good interpersonal relationships with everyone that matters to your school . You can’t be fighting everyone around your school and expect to grow . For the sake of your business , you need to joke , play and banter with People even if they are not your Customers . I withdrew my 1st son from a school and left the 2 , this didn’t go down well with the Proprietress who stopped greeting me and even when I greeted her , She would pretend and ignored me , I kuku waited till end of the session and excused my 2 boys from the school , more 20 Parents that were closed with me , defected to the new school with me 🀣. A friendly interpersonal relationship with everyone that matters to your school, is a ploy to win them over to your side . Use this strategy and thank me latter . ✍ πŸ˜‚

7. Constantly invest in your Personal development and Knowledge base as a Founder . The truth is that : The unimpressive and discouraging growth of your school is as a result of one or two things you don’t know . When you know much , your school grows abundantly well . The problem with Nigerians is that we believe that all information should be free ,don’t forget that the Holy Book admonishes us to buy the truth . Therefore, buy books , seek professional advice , attend seminars .✍

8.Engage your school in community and social services and see how unprecedented the growth of your school will be .

9.Maximize the law of Customer that says : ” The Customer wants to pay the lowest amount for a quality service / Product ” πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ . How do you expect a school that charges high tuition with old fashioned , archaic and outdated facilities coupled with 1990 century and conservative educational programs ? You must not overcharge and undercharge in this period and charges sure your charges reviewed regularly .Your charges can repel or attract Prospects .

10. Take the growth of your school serious spiritually .😱. This is because some desperate Proprietors have resorted to the use of subversive , diabolical and devilish methods to attract Pupils to their schools while others launch campaign of calumny , hate and malicious speeches to deal with their Competitors in a bid to have their Customers .Others use different forms of manipulation to also deal with their strong Competitors . The Proprietor of a school didn’t increase the school tuition from 1st to 3rd term but ” manipulatively ” increased it after summer coaching and notified the Parents through SMS , when schools resumed , he lost 93% of his pupils to the same Colleagues of his that bewitched him through wrong advice. You need to hand over your business to God , this is very important . πŸ™πŸΎ. Whether you’re a Xtian or Muslim Proprietor , Remember that if God is with your school , nobody can be against it .

✍ You must grow , the growth of your school is my concern !!😭